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Carmel, 19. Marikina, Philippines. Always learning.

The greater fool.

I’ve been listening to the 3 versions of this song over and over again. Hay. 

note to self # 2

note to self # 2

“For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse.

So collapse.
This is not your destruction.

This is your birth.”
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a lot of bull

feeling so disappointed at myself for lacking the will to actually do anything

for someone who’s easily frustrated by a lot of things, i’m pretty much talkshit

Begin Again (2014)
Dir. John Carney 

So much charm from the music, the setting, the clothes, the actors, the lights, the story - everything, actually. Never felt this giddy since 500 Days of Summer and Begin Again is definitely worth the risk of facing today’s storm. It may be cheesy, but it’s my type of cheesy. I can’t stop sighing all through out and definitely felt the good vibes upon leaving the cinema. Oh, the magic of a film and a soundtrack. 

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Waiting for Superman (2010)
Dir : Davis Guggenheim 

In college, I am often reminded to “serve the people, serve the nation” but there are always people who’ll drag you down to reality as if telling you that there’s no more hope. Idealists are screwed by the so-called “system” before we even try. There will also be personal agenda being pursued rather than looking at the bigger picture.

But this documentary serves as a reminder for all the idealists and the dreamers to still hope and to still try. No matter how long and how much negativity I am facing, I am capable of creating a much better version of reality than what most of the world accepts. Because this is not what the children deserve. They need to have a real shot at life rather than having it set to them by adults who can’t seem to think forward by fixing the present. 

I am reawakened of my purpose of acting towards a brighter future for this world. Just like the educators featured in this film, I refuse to be defeated by the “system” and pursue for better opportunities of learning. 

(Also this film also reaffirmed my dream of being a documentary filmmaker. So many stories I want to know and share.) 

To feel emotional wreckage after watching a play is one of life’s greatest experiences.  (Virgin Labfest 2014) 

To feel emotional wreckage after watching a play is one of life’s greatest experiences.  

(Virgin Labfest 2014) 

"…who is not afraid to live his own life." 

"…who is not afraid to live his own life." 

The Women of National Museum (pt. 2) 

The Women of National Museum (pt. 1) 

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